ELEV8 Presents - A Look Back at the Digital Asset Conversation

The ELEV8 Summit successfully brought together the digital asset community for its first in-person gathering since the COVID-19 shutdowns. Held during Bitcoin Week in Miami 2021, the summit offered attendees a comprehensive program addressing key topics within the digital asset space.

Participants kicked off the event with a welcoming reception on the evening of June 2nd. The following day, June 3rd, was dedicated to a full day of content sessions and networking opportunities.

The year 2021 witnessed Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies reaching all-time highs, leading to a surge in investment from corporations, institutional investors, and new retail participants. The ELEV8 Summit program reflected this market enthusiasm by featuring leading organizations with a bullish outlook on the sector. Discussions explored the potential for Bitcoin's market cap to continue its ascent into the trillions.

By fostering dialogue and knowledge sharing, the ELEV8 Summit played a valuable role in shaping the future of digital assets. The event provided a platform for industry leaders and participants to explore critical issues, identify promising opportunities, and connect within this dynamic landscape.

A Renowned Lineup Graced the ELEV8 Stage: Past Speakers

The ELEV8 Summit boasted an impressive roster of speakers who shared their expertise and insights with the audience. These industry leaders represented a diverse range of backgrounds and specializations within the digital asset space:

Marketing and Communications

Michael Terpin (Transform Group) brought his experience in blockchain marketing to the table.

Investment and Advocacy

Brock Pierce, a pilanthropist and politician with a keen interest in cryptocurrency, likely offered a unique perspective.

Content Creation and Education

Sheldon Evans, a popular YouTuber and crypto enthusiast, engaged the audience with his knowledge and passion for digital assets.

Data and Privacy

Charles Silver (Permission.io) potentially delved into the intersection of data privacy and blockchain technology.

Decentralized Finance

Crystal Rose (MakeSense Labs) and Mance Harmon (Hedera Hashgraph) might have shed light on the latest advancements and opportunities within DeFi.

Market Analysis and Investment Management

Jesus Rodriguez (Into the Block) and Zach Wildes (Celsius) could have provided valuable insights on market trends and investment strategies for digital assets.

Legal and Regulatory Landscape

Steven Masur (Masur Griffitts Avidor LLP) likely addressed critical legal and regulatory considerations surrounding digital assets.

Venture Capital & Investment Banking

Maggie Wu (Krypital Group), David Wachsman (Wachsman), and Roberto Machado (BetaBlocks) potentially offered perspectives on investment opportunities within the digital asset ecosystem.

Industry Leaders Converge: Past Sponsors and Participating Companies

Industry Leaders Converge

The ELEV8 Summit brought together a powerful combination of sponsors and participating companies, showcasing the breadth of innovation and collaboration within the digital asset space. Here's a glimpse at some of the past organizations that contributed to the event's success:

Financial Services and Investment Firms

Celsius, a leading cryptocurrency lending platform, and Wachsman, a prominent investment firm, potentially offered insights into investment strategies and the evolving financial landscape.

Marketing and Communications Powerhouses

TransformGroup, a renowned blockchain marketing agency, likely played a role in amplifying the event's reach.

Data Privacy and Security Solutions

Permission.io's participation might have addressed the crucial topic of data security and privacy within the context of blockchain technology.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Innovators

Hedera Hashgraph, a leading enterprise-grade distributed ledger platform, potentially showcased advancements in DeFi solutions.

Market Analysis and Trading Platforms

IntoTheBlock, a crypto analytics firm, and potentially Bittrex, a cryptocurrency exchange, offered valuable tools and resources for navigating digital asset markets.

Sports and Entertainment Integration

Aspire's presence could indicate the event's exploration of potential intersections between digital assets and the sports and entertainment industry.

Legal and Regulatory Expertise

GBA might represent a legal or regulatory firm that provides guidance on the evolving legal landscape surrounding digital assets.

National Football League (NFL)

The NFL's involvement potentially signifies the growing interest of major sporting organizations in the digital asset space.

Amplifying the Conversation: Past Official Media Partners

The ELEV8 Summit successfully leveraged the power of a diverse group of media partners in the past. These esteemed organizations played a crucial role in disseminating valuable insights and fostering a well-informed digital asset community:

Leading Cryptocurrency News Platforms

CoinTelegraph, CryptoCurrencyWire, BlockchainNews, Blockchain Beach, Cryptopolitian, and NewsLogical ensured extensive coverage of the event, reaching a global audience interested in the latest digital asset developments.

Investment Research and Analysis Firms

IQ Index and Virtualis.cash likely provided pre-event analysis and potentially offered post-event reports with key takeaways for investors within the digital asset space.

Financial and Technology Publications

Forbes' participation broadens the event's reach to a mainstream financial audience, while The Techly caters to those interested in the intersection of technology and digital assets.

Industry Analyst and Research Groups

NEM (New Economy Movement) might have provided insights into blockchain technology and its applications within the digital asset ecosystem.

Community-Driven News Platforms

CCN (CryptoCoinsNews) and NewsAffinity potentially facilitated audience engagement and disseminated news updates throughout the event.

Emerging Media and Blockchain Advocacy

BlockTelegraph and Coindoo represent additional media outlets that likely contributed to the event's visibility and community outreach.


The ELEV8 Summit of 2021 stands as a testament to the resilience and innovation of the digital asset community, marking a pivotal moment in the industry's evolution. By convening thought leaders, industry experts, and enthusiasts, the event provided a platform for robust discussions, insightful presentations, and meaningful connections. From exploring the opportunities presented by decentralized finance to navigating the complexities of the regulatory landscape, attendees gained valuable insights into the future of digital assets. With the support of renowned speakers, sponsors, participating companies, and media partners, the ELEV8 Summit amplified the conversation surrounding digital assets, fostering trust, collaboration, and growth within the ecosystem.

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